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Bridging Cultures, Simplifying Communication

Empowering Connections Through Language

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"At Our Konnection, we don't just translate languages; we translate dreams into reality."

Arturo Bobea, CEO.

Tailored Language Services for Every Need

Today's world values quality and simplicity. Whether you need to translate a document or interpret a conversation, we're here to take care of it for you. We provide solutions for single-sheet documents and books, one-on-one meetings and conventions, 1-minute videos, and movies. Let us know what language you need, and what the project looks like and we can make it happen.

We can hardly wait to take care of all your language needs!

Document Translation

Interpretation Services

About Us

Our Story: From Humble Beginnings to Global Impact

Born out of necessity in the heart of the Dominican Republic, Our Konnection has transcended borders and challenges. Founded by Arturo Bobea, a visionary determined to bridge cultural divides, our growth has been fueled by passion, resilience, and a dedication to excellence. Now with a thriving presence in both the Dominican Republic and the USA, we unite cultures, fostering understanding through the universal power of language. As a collective of professionals, parents, and global citizens, every project we undertake is a testament to our commitment to breaking barriers and building connections.

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About Us
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Translation & Interpretation

Your Career with Our Konnection

Your talent can change the world, one word at a time. At Our Konnection, every project is a new journey, every challenge a chance to innovate. From the vast tapestry of languages to the intricacies of modern technology, here's your opportunity to be part of something greater, to transform and be transformed.

Ramón Mendoza

“Working with Our Konnection is easy and hassle-free. Projects are always completed on time and with impeccable quality.”

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999 Berkshire Blvd, Suite 150

Wyomissing, PA 19610.


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