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Document Translation & 
Interpretation Services.

Today's world values quality and simplicity. Whether you need to translate a document or to interpret a conversation, we're here to take care of it for you. We provide solutions for single-sheet documents and books, one-on-one meetings and conventions, 1-minute videos and movies. Let us know what language you need, what the project looks like and we can make it happen.

We can hardly wait to take care of all your language needs!



Our Konnection was born out of need, like most great things.  I was born in the Dominican Republic, worked in multiple fields, trying to make ends meet. When I lost all sources of income due to unfortunate circumstances, with a toddler and another baby on the way, life made me stretch out of my comfort zone and this company was formed. 


Slowly, but surely, more colleagues joined in, making it what it is today. Now I reside in the great USA, while our main branch is still growing in the Dominican Republic. All the while I'm truly happy because we were able to combine our skills, passion, and dreams. We have volunteered and collaborated with a number of institutions, giving back any way we can while we shorten the distance between cultures through our work. Let us work for you, you will get the best service with professionals of the industry, who happen to be parents, customers, contractors, citizens of the world; giving it our all, like you, for you.

- Arturo Bobea

Spanish Interpreter/Translator


our ceo
Revision & Proofreading
Translation & Interpretation



We are a group of language professional interpreters and translators with decades of experience. Most of our members are native speakers of other languages and acquired English skills, which have been polished throughout the years in the most demanding industry. 


Having a multicultural background allows our professionals to have a much better understanding of context and regionalisms employed in means of communication. This advantage makes us accurate and precise when it comes to conveying a message in another language.


If you need accuracy and quality, we're your best choice!





“Working with Our Konnection is easy and hassle-free. Projects are always completed on time and with impeccable quality.”
- Ramón Mendoza


“My experience with Our Konnection was a very positive one! The entire process from communication pre-assignment to the actual interpretation was easy and extremely helpful. Our interpreter got the job done and also bonded with the group during our trip. He was able to provide cultural and historical context when people in our group asked about it and more importantly his interpretations were spot on. Should the need arise in the future, we will definitely look to hire someone from Our Konnection again.”
- Natasha Dagrossa
“Outstanding experience! Will be using them again for future projects.”
- Justin Miller








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